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They are very friendly and helpful with my mother.  The volunteers keep her busy by talking to her, which is a big help as they talk about different things than we do.  They help us a lot so that we can make her life fuller and with their help, we get to keep our mother at home with us.  She looks forward to the volunteers with their friendly smile and friendship.

I can always count on this service and I'm certainly grateful for it too.   



They have saved my mental health by giving me breaks to get out of the house.  The companions have given my mom " company" (since she has no one - friends or relatives in this area).  It is very possible that without the help of Caregiver Companion, I would  not be able to keep my mom at home.     ~Kathy~ 



As a volunteer for about 7 years now, Nancy has been happily helping people through the Caregiver Companion organization.  She does mainly respite care for them; visiting and sitting with people while their caregiver gets a break.  In referring to Caregiver Companion she said, They are very beneficial for the people who need help.  They fill the gap that Social Services canít take care of.



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