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Caregiver Companion is a volunteer organization sponsored by the Congregation of Saint Joseph.  The organization, whose mission is to assist caregivers of the sick and disabled, was founded by Sister Veronica Baumgartner CSJ in February of 1995. With initial funding from the Sisters of St. Joseph in Tipton, Indiana, support from St. Mary Cathedral, and donated office space from St. Annís Church, Caregiver Companion began its service to the caregivers of Tippecanoe County.  In 2003, Caregiver Companion expanded into Tipton County.


About our logoÖ

The letters of Caregiver and Companion are joined to indicate the close relationship our volunteers form with the caregivers they serve.  The relationship is that of friendship, support, and practical service.  The figures represent the volunteer, the caregiver, and the person for whom they care.  Connecting the three people are hearts signifying that it is love that unites the three. 


We realize that service must be given in love to be of any  real value.  Because God is love, we acknowledge that it is God who joins volunteer, caregiver, and neighbor as one.  Color, too, has significance.  Blue is a primary color.  It is a strong, basic color from which other colors can be created.  Our strong presence with the families we serve can change lives for the better, and does often improve the quality of life of the entire family.  The word, Companion, is in a lighter blue then the Caregiver because our service is given, not to draw attention to ourselves, but rather to focus our energy and work toward the relief of the  caregiver.      






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